Freddie TKO

Freddie TKO actually became a DJ by way of circumstance (in other words, by accident). He always had the newest music, so he made tapes for people back in the day. While in the States, Freddie played oldies in Texas for about six months, then graduated to rock and variety music. "I just like to play music, no matter where or what, as long as people are dancing and having a good time." In Germany, Freddie started out with private parties. His first public gigs in Germany were at 69 and Picadilly's, both in Speicher. He then played Costa Marbella (Beilingen) for about six years. Since then, he's been all over this area, from Trier to Hamburg, Dillingen to Koblenz. For seven years he hosted “The Drop Zone” a live hip hop & rnb mix show for Antenne West in Trier. His forté is hip hop/R&B, but Freddie can play anything from techno to freestyle, and everything in between. Now as a proud member of ! “The Bad Man From Michigan” is ready to start a new day.


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